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The gains of the losses

You lost a battle. Exhausted, demotivated, disappointed and full of doubts in your abilities, you lay down your sword.

Take a deep breath. Think about every move you made, learn from your mistakes. Think again about the reason why lost the battle.

It’s not the sword, it’s the same sword you’ve been using for years, that’s just a tool.

It’s not the enemy, you know them very well… too well to lose a battle like this.

It is you!!! Every single victory made you feel special and motivated you to fight even harder. It’s been a long period of winning battles.

Now it’s time to lose. Not to reach some level of equilibrium but to learn. You can’t fight hard all the time, you have to fight smart too. This is your opportunity to master your power of learning and use your sword with power and wisdom. Turn your lost battle into your advantage. Learn from it, let it motivate you to be wise as much as the power that leads you to another battle.

Now take a deep breath. Pick up your sword. Remember what you learned from your failure and get ready. The life is setting up a new fight for you. Soon, very soon…

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